Grandma Varda's Salon

Theatroneto Festival, 2019

"I decided to live with the living, not the dead, and here in Tel Aviv we live with the living"

Only at the age of 95 does the colorful Holocaust survivor Varda Zippori decide to respond to her daughter's pleas and invite a film crew from Yad Vashem to collect her testimony. But Varda's testimony gradually becomes something quite different from what they expected. "Grandma Varda's Salon" is a sad and funny story about dealing with trauma, insistence on personal voice and complex relationships between parents and children.

Performed by Anat Atzmon
Written by Dudi Ohana
Directed by Marat Parkhomovsky

Stage design: Pavel Karlin
Makeup: Tom Antopolsky
Music: Boaz Shechori
Lighting design: Misha Chernyavsky and Inna Malkin